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Latest News

18 Apr 2019

HKMC’s Pioneering Role in Recycling of Drug Boxes & Cartons at Central Building

Hong Kong Medical Consultants has relentlessly supported the Green Movement by making our operations more environmental-friendly. On top of this, we are also keen to influence other stakeholders in the healthcare industry to support the Green Movement. We have witnessed tons of discarded drug boxes from clinics in Central Building. Assuming an exemplary role in this paper recycling initiative, our pharmacy team has been encouraged to compress drug boxes and cartons for delivering to the paper recycling crate of Central Building everyday.
Since there is no loading area for a paper recycling truck to park at the moment, the Building’s domestic workers have to transport the compressed drug boxes to a paper recycling company located at Man Yee Lane manually.

Our aim is to encourage other clinics in the Building to follow our lead in recycling of drug boxes. With the concerted effort of both tenants and the Building’s Management, it is hoped that we all contribute in making the world a “healthier” place.

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