Hong Kong Allied Health Services


Our pharmacy team comprises of highly trained pharmacists and dispensers. It is responsible for delivering pharmaceutical care in a safe and efficient manner. Apart from dispensing, the scope of our services include, international drug product sourcing and provision of drug information and counselling to our patients. We aim to keep patients informed about safety and efficacy of drugs as well as new drug developments.

Our chemotherapy, aseptic dispensing machine (Isolator) was officially launched in September 2018. It adopts international pharmacy practice guidelines and ethics in order to ensure we provide the highest standard of service and safety to our cancer patients.

Clinical Psychology

Assess mental and cognitive health, treat different kinds of emotional distress, and promote individual psychological well-being.

Nutritional Therapy

Registered dietitians start with diet and manage the nutrient intake to promote health and control diseases, and more importantly, help patients develop healthy diet habits.


Using mechanical force and movements, manual therapy, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy, remediates impairments and promotes mobility and function.

Speech therapy

To prevent, evaluate, diagnose and treat adult and paediatric speech, language, social-cognitive problems and swallowing disorder.

Psychological Counselling

Through the use of evidence-based counselling, to facilitate personal growth and family’s relationship. To promote individual psychological well-being and enhance work efficiency via seminar and corporate training.