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Allied Health Services

Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Therapists play an important role in maximizing independent functions in daily activities, self-care, work and leisure for individuals who are limited by injury or illness, psychosocial dysfunction or developmental disabilities.

By using therapeutic activities, functional training and environmental adaptations, Occupational Therapists help clients restore their roles in their family, workplace and community.


Bookings :

Bookings can be arranged through WhatsApp (click/scan QR Code located below), or by calling +852 2219 9992

Our services include

Hand Function Assessment and Training

  • Including finger dexterity, in-hand manipulation, bilateral hand coordination, eye-hand coordination and handwriting skills

Activities of Daily Living Assessment and Training

  • Self-care training including feeding, grooming, dressing, toileting, bathing and transferring
  • Home management skills and community living skills training

Cognitive Assessment and Training

  • Formulating individualized training program after conducting standardized assessments
  • Including memory, attention and executive functions training
  • Common training methods applied for individuals with dementia: cognitive stimulation training, reality orientation training, multi-sensory stimulation and reminiscence therapy
  • Using of compensation strategies and adapting environmental modification

Assistive Devices Prescription Assessment and Training

  • In order to enhance clients’ independence and safety in daily activities, Occupational Therapists assess and recommend the most appropriate assistive devices including walking frame, wheelchair, shower commode chair and feeding aids.

Home Environment Assessment and Modification

  • Occupational Therapists have a crucial role to maintain clients’ home safety and enhancing their independence in performing home activities. Occupational Therapists will conduct home assessment and recommend having some assistive equipment or adaptations installed.
  • Including suggestions on handrail installation, high-back chair prescription, removing a door to make the opening wider and bathroom modifications

Child Development Training

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills training
  • Attention and executive functions training
  • Visual-Perceptual Training
  • Self-care Training