Geriatric Medical Services


In addition to quality caring services, our professional team provide elderly patients with assessment and management of long-term health risks, such as dementia, falls, arthritis and high cholesterol, so as to cope with the ageing population. Geriatric specialists pay attention to physical and mental needs of the elderly and diagnose, treat and prevent the diseases or disabilities during their ageing stage.

Our services include :
  • Rehabilitation for fall injury
  • Comprehensive health assessment and treatment for the elderly
  • Management of diet and malnutrition
  • Rehabilitation for the elderly
  • Home visiting treatments
  • Assessment and management of memory 
  • Treatment of osteoporosis
  • Assessment of emotion and treatment
  • Management of overactive bladder
  • Treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Vaccination
  • Rehabilitation for sarcopenia
Other Specialist Services :