Clinical Microbiology and Infection



Diagnosis and treatment of all types of infectious diseases and conditions affecting any systems of the body associated with microorganisms, including infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Specialized assessment and management for patients with fever, abnormal white cell count, and elevated inflammatory markers. Provision of pre-travel vaccination and prophylaxis, and post-travel medical care.

Our services include :
  • Managing patients with fever or any conditions potentially associated with infectious diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infections in outpatient setting
  • Interpretation of microbiological investigation results
  • In-patient consultation services for clinical microbiology and infections
  • Management of infections in immunocompromised patients, including HIV/AIDS, post-transplantation, post-chemotherapy and patients on immunosuppressants.
  • Choice of appropriate antimicrobial agents and management of their related side-effects
  • Out-patient intravenous antibiotics
  • Travel health assessment, vaccination and preventive medications
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Advice on clinical microbiology laboratory management
  • Infection prevention and control advice for clinics, hospitals and cooperates
Other Specialist Services :