Pharmacy Services


Our pharmacy team comprises of highly trained pharmacists and dispensers. It is responsible for delivering pharmaceutical care in a safe and efficient manner. Apart from dispensing, the scope of our services include, international drug product sourcing and provision of drug information and counselling to our patients. We aim to keep patients informed about safety and efficacy of drugs as well as new drug developments.

Our chemotherapy, aseptic dispensing machine (Isolator) was officially launched in September 2018. It adopts international pharmacy practice guidelines and ethics in order to ensure we provide the highest standard of service and safety to our cancer patients.

Our services include :
  • Dispensing in a safe and timely manner
  • Providing medication use review
  • Patient counselling on use of medications
  • Reconstituting cytotoxic drugs aseptically
  • Providing a training site for HKU SPACE, HKIVE and Caritas Institute of Higher Education’s dispensing students
  • Safe disposal of unwanted and expired medications
  • Comprehensive review of the drug formulary to provide timely and reliable access to necessary medicines for our patients
  • Patient education to promote safe use of medications
  • Mentoring pharmacist students
Other Allied Health Services :