HKMC Telemedicine Service for EXISTING Patients

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Latest News

17 Aug 2020
HKMC Telemedicine Service for EXISTING Patients
中卓醫務-HKMC Telemedicine Service for EXISTING Patients
中卓醫務-HKMC Telemedicine Service for EXISTING Patients

Continued provision of medical care is even more important during the current COVID-19 pandemic, although many vulnerable patients may deny themselves from regular medical follow up. We, at Hong Kong Medical Consultants, recognise your health should not be compromised by reducing medical care. We now have great pleasure in launching our Telemedicine Service for our existing patients, which will provide follow up with no need to venture out of your home. Please contact us by phone, or visiting our website if you need more information.


1. Call and make an appointment for video consultation. (Please see below for contact details)

2. You will receive a “Patients’ Pack” via WhatsApp or email. This includes appointment, payment details and a consent form. Confirmation of appointment will be sent to you upon successful receipt of payment and consent form.

3. Our nurse will call to brief you on the telemedicine arrangement shortly before your consultation time.

4. Attend the video consultation with our doctor/ therapist.

5. After consultation, our nurse will contact you to arrange your medication payment and collection at the clinic.

6. You can pay for and collect the prescribed medicine either in person or via an authorised personnel.

Clinic Contact Information

Cardiology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology (Dr Matthew Ng), Nephrology, Neurology, Respiratory Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Counselling, Speech Therapy : +852 2219 9992

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Rheumatology : +852 2230 5188

Gastroenterology & Hepatology (Dr David But), Oncology, Nutritional Therapy : +852 2525 6119

Paediatrics : +852 2230 5139


  • According to the recommendations by The Medical Council of Hong Kong, telemedicine is deemed not advisable for new patients. It is also subject to HKMC's final decision if a patient is suitable for telemedicine consultation.
  • Patients are required to settle the consultation fee at least one day before appointment.
  • Insurance, direct billing claim or health voucher may not be applicable for telemedicine service. Please check with your insurance provider.
  • Patient can only reschedule the appointment once after payment is made. An administration fee of HK$200 will be charged for appointment cancellation.
  • HKMC reserves the final rights and decisions on telemedicine service.