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Disease Information

Disease Information

Stemming from unstable functioning of the brain, mental disease may be caused by physiological, psychological, environmental and genetic factors and affects the cognitive, ideological, emotional, and physiological functions of the patient in short or long term. Psychiatrists are responsible for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric problems and assessment of mental behavior.

Attention deficit and hyperactivity

What is attention deficit and hyperactivity

Attention deficithyperactivity (ADHD) is a developmental disorder with which patients suffer from problems in attention, degree of activity and ability to control emotion and behavior, which affects their learning and social life.

Symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity

Restlessness, short-term attention, weak self-control, failure in keeping quiet, failure in queuing up, frequent interruption to others’ speaking, failure in understanding details, failure in completing work, hatred of tasks that need attention, forgetfulness, etc.

Treatment methods

Medical treatment (including central nervous system stimulants and non-central nervous system stimulants), behavioral therapy, etc.