Heart valve disease

Disease Information

Disease Information

Cardiac disease is one of the most common fatal illnesses in Hong Kong, with coronary heart disease as the top killer among others. In addition to diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, cardiologists will also proceed from prevention to reducing high-risk factors and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Heart valve disease

What is heart valve disease

Due to factors like rheumatic heart disease, degenerative heart disease, congenital heart disease, infective endocarditis, etc., heart valves fail to open and close normally, which affect normal operation of the heart.

Impact on patients

Palpitation, anhelation, tiredness, dizziness, extracardiac embolism, stroke, etc.

Diagnosis of heart valve disease

Clinical diagnosis, electrocardiogram, cardiac ultrasonography, etc.

Treatment of heart valve disease

Structural heart disease intervention, oral medication, etc.