Hong Kong Medical Consultants - Medical Specialist Consultant

About HKMC

Hong Kong Medical Consultants was founded by a group of highly qualified and experienced specialists with the aim of providing comprehensive and sustainable healthcare services to patients in Hong Kong and in other parts of China. We are committed to delivering efficient and affordable medical services across different specialties and disciplines.

At Hong Kong Medical Consultants, you will be well looked after by empathetic healthcare professionals offering safe and outcome-focused medical care, and meeting the highest international standard of safety and quality. Patients should be reassured by our utmost determination to provide an accurate and timely diagnosis, so that the most effective treatment could be started soonest.

Our Group is made up of various specialized medical centres including Paediatric Centre and Geriatric Centre to cater for the medical needs of patients from all age groups. We also offer a variety of health checks specially tailored for patients with different health screening goals. By applying the most advanced diagnostic radiology technology and good digital image management, we strive to ensure better diagnostic confidence and sound clinical judgement. In addition, we stock a full range of high quality medicines and vaccines to fulfill the treatment needs for all our patients.

Since our inception in 2013, we have been expanding rapidly to cope with the growing health care demands of patients throughout the region. By bringing together the best people, the latest technology, and superb facilities, we have firmly established ourselves as one of the most trusted and acclaimed medical groups in Hong Kong and beyond.

Infection Control Measures by HKMC